What the Press is Saying about Rentals in Paris

Journalists and France travel editors have been in contact with us over the years for our services. A number of them have written some very nice articles about us and we're happy to share them with you here. Please click on the logos below to view them

The International Herald Tribune recently interviewed Glenn Cooper about the Paris Real Estate market. The very strong market seen in Paris through 2008 doesn't coincide with the effects seen inmany other countries affected bythe US sub prime crisis. Paris appears to be faring well for a variety of reasons according to the experts. Please click here to read the Tribune's article.

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has recently published an article aimed at sharing the European Vacation Rental experience with its readers and Rentals in Paris were strongly recommended for all Parisian visitors. Please click here to read the article: AARP Article.

The Travel editor of the Washington Post has recently published an article about the top destinations for honeymoon travel. Paris is, of course, in the top ten list of Newlywed destinations, and the travel editor was kind enough to suggest to travellers that our company was a good choice for Paris apartment rentals.

Please feel free to have a look at the article here on the Washington Post's online site:
Washington Post

Durant Imboden stayed in one of our Chanoinesse apartments this past spring and wrote an article about us describing the experience.

Please click here for his review: An Apartment in Paris

Mark Eversman has also gotten to know us over the years and has been kind enough to include us in his great newsletter, Paris Notes.

Please click here: Parisnotes 2004.doc

David Applefield
, a well respected author and Francophile, has been writing about Paris for many years. His insights into living here and making the most of the French experience are very worthwhile. He has often included great articles about Rentals in Paris on his website and in his wonderful publications about Paris (Paris Inside Out and The Unofficial Guide to Paris).

You can view his great site here: www.paris-anglo.com

has recently included a write up about us and is including Rentals in Paris on their main website about Paris accommodations.

Please click here to view their site: www.fodors.com

France on your Own
has a great selections of articles and suggested travel tips for Paris and the rest of France. They strongly recommend Rentals in Paris too. You can read what they have to say here: France on your Own

Please contact us if you've seen any other articles about us and we'll be happy to include them online as well.




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